Aren’t You Tired of The Pain and B.S. of Chasing Network Marketing Leads?

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Have you ever asked yourself why you join

an affiliate program or why you buy a certain product on the

internet or offline?


You see when I joined empower network in April of 2013 was

because I wanted to learn the skills and use the tools that would

help me grow my primary business. 


I also wanted to make lots of money like a lot of other people are in it.


But do you wanna know the #1 question I never asked myself?…


What would growing my primary business or making

money do for me.


Have you ever asked yourself why are you even here

reading this message and once you reach your goals what

would it help you accomplish?


You see I’m here in Empower Network because we

share one vision <===


At first was to grow a business, use the great products and make money.


But then something shifted, and it was when someone asked me this



“Michael.. what will making a lot of money help you accomplish?”


Then this question came up…


What will you do if paying your bills and financial abundance

wasn’t an issue?


You see I gave a lot of thought to that and said to myself, “hhmm it’s not

about me only, but about living my dreams and helping others live



I thought of my family, the people on my team, the people

in my country, the people in my community.


I felt that feeling that you get when you put a smile on others.


I started thinking about the people that needed a hand in life but couldn’t get it

due ti financial stress, no time to spend with their loved ones etc.


I was thinking of all of this while I was broke living paycheck by

paycheck in call center where stress was killing me and my

relationship with my wife.


That’s why I love Empower Network



We share the vision of Empowering others to finally breakthrough and

accomplish goals never thought possible for them.


And that’s why I’m here, to help YOU, finally break through from any struggles

you might be encountering.


I don’t care if you’re making a lot of money already or if you’re making no money.


Because it is NOT about the money, but about changing lives.


Why I do what I do? , the truth of

the matter is… that if I’m doing it, is because I believe in giving value

and what I offer is exactly that.


A done for you system that change lives <==



Thousands of people including myself have almost magically gotten

results in our lives thanks to the Empower Network.


You’re missing on a lot if you haven’t made a decision

of just getting in <==


If you want to stop being friends and stop receiving

my life changing emails there is an unsubscribe

button below.


3 years ago I found myself going from offer to offer until

I found Empower Network a year later.


Why I believed in Empower Network before even making a dime a year ago?




And because my desire for happiness and freedom was bigger

than the pain I was going through.


I was tired of all the B.S. and just went all in with Empower.


I don’t know exactly what situation you’re going through right now in your life

but if you’re tired of the suffering…


How long are you gonna let this eat you up?


You see when you have the right people around you that are beside

you, day in and day out guiding and empowering you to live your 

dreams… great things happen.


Get started right now and I’ll personally call you


Also if you have any questions you can contact me

here: as

I believe in strong mentorship, leadership, and



To your success,


Michael De La Cruz


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guarantee of income. Instead, they’re designed to give you

an idea of what’s possible.


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