Are You Struggling with Old School Network Marketing Techniques That Doesn’t Work?

My Struggles With Network Marketing.

January 2013 was when I joined my true network marketing business. I remember being so excited because I finally was going to make lots of money to be free by no worrying about paying bills. I mean I met other members that they said that they were making money but they follow.

The first thing I was told was that I needed to come up with a list of 100 people so I could call them to talk to them about the network marketing opportunity with the business I was involved with and that I’m still am ofcourse but following a different system.

But continuing, I remember calling people on my list of 100 people and just straight up being hung up on or getting rejections. After all that I had to attend hotel meeting listening to the same training over and over. I also tried talking to people in person, but kept getting rejections to get people signedup to my business. It was very frustrated for me and embarrasing at some point because I even found myself chasing my friends and family to join, but for some reason they didn’t see my vision or were not simply interested.

I remember my step-mother saying that she’s not interested in pyramids and I tried explaining here what the company really was. So I ended up offereing people that I would even pay for their membership to start, and no luck. I just ended up loosing money and my network marketing business not near to gettting a boost.

I almost gave up in the industry of network marketing opportunities until 3 months later I did some research and found an online marketing system that changed my business around in the marketing industry. After I found this system I understood that the old ways of marketing just doesn’t work anymore.

My Relief and Breakthrough with my Network Marketing Buiness.

On April 2013 I joined a company that provided me with the training and tools on whats working in todays complicated marketing. I understood that chasing people or calling people, which is the old way, doesn’t work anymore.

I have learned by following these 3 step techniques how create traffic, get leads, and make sales/get signups:

  1. without chasing anyone,
  2. without picking up a phone,
  3. without being embarrassed and have people laugh at me, because they thought I was being scammed.
  4. without any rejections,
  5. without going to hotel meetings.

I remember when I had my first 5 signups in one day by following this modern strategies taught by online top earners. I then understood that I have found something that really works. Something that has generated me more money than I ever thought possible and simple when I went over the training that I got access to as soon as I joined. Thanks to this system I can promote anything, sell anything, recruit for my network marketing business the right way and the way that works.

As soon as I joined and went over the trainings, I knew what I was doing wrong or what I was saying wrong in the past that would just put people on defensive mode and not even look at what I had to offer. With this system I learned how to leverage the internet to create traffic, get leads without calling no one, and covert those leads to signups or sales.

Thanks to this system I know  what works now adays. I’m aware that the old school way of marketing doesn’t work anymore. Having to call 50+ people and being hung up on and rejected forced to discover this system that you get people signed up without chasing or picking up a phone.

You learn all of this and get access to the system and training when you join.

Today you can build a business totally online and at the same time have a life. You can have the time to spend with your loved ones, do what you want to do, and have time to focus on your business and build your downline team with no struggles. They get access to the same trainings and tools I use so they can live the life of their dreams to and build their business by getting traffic, leads, and signups no matter what network marketing business they’re in.

P.S. My business and my life changed by accessing [this video], months ago, and applying the strategies revealed in the video by an Ex-broke Man that discovered the system and now is a top online multi-millionaire. I wish I would’ve found this before…it would’ve saved me lots of struggles to have a life of freedom. But hey it’s all experience and now I can share this with others starting a network marketing opportunity with marketing techniques that no longer works.

Here is the free with more details video again:

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