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The Power Of Manifesting What You Want  In Life Is As Real As It Gets

My name is Michael De La Cruz,  and I’ve been successfully working full-time online for the past 3 + years. When I was at the peak of my corporate career I began to lose all passion for the industry. 

Trading time for money in a cubicle office job can be the most draining and unfulfilling thing ever.

Seeing my life force being drained in the corporate world and how it was impacting my relationship with my wife, made me realized that my life needed change and if that change never happened, then nothing will ever change.

 So I shifted my mindset, made a decision to change my life, took the proper steps, and enforced faith to help REdesign my life exactly the way I wanted it.
When I came across Legendary Marketer and the support my friend and mentor Dave Sharpe provides, as well as their proven system in place, I was able to completely !





I’ve  been blessed with a beautiful and an incredible wife from the inside out. She’s one of my main whys in life.

Not too long ago my wife Krist was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and thanks to working online I was able to be there for her and experience her recovery.  It’s been a rewarding and miraculous journey.

We now spend more time at home, work doing what we love, and travel everywhere together as a family all while working from our laptops. 

Our goal is to spread our love far and wide across the world, and the freedom Legendary Marketer provides has allowed us to do exactly that. We share most of our time in Alaska, but we occasionally enjoy time in Seattle, Las Vegas, and in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida as well…


…now we get the chance to pay it forward to you!

 Always remember, nothing rewarding in life comes easy or without hard work.
Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Keep going and always continue taking HUGE Action and you’ll become a magnet of success.
 I look forward to working with you and helping you create the life you want as well! “Freedom means you’re unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery” 



Ready To Create The Life You Want?

Here’s My Gift To You…


Above is a look into what Legendary Marketer has been able to create for my bro Bill in the past 12 months…



 (How Making Money Online Works With Michael De La Cruz)



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It’s impossible to put a value on this. Most people start out online with no help, no mentors and no resources… I know. I was one of them. And it cost me years of my life and thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.


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From the heart,
Michael De La Cruz
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