6 Powerful Things That Gets People Creating Success Faster and Long-term

Want to know the 6 most powerful things that gets people creating success faster and long-lasting?

Here’s what YOU can do today to create long-lasting success in YOUR life…

6 Things You Can Do Today To Create Long-lasting Success:

So the 6 things that gets people creating success, again are as follows:

1) Set a definite goal or what I like to call an end goal in mind and run with that always

In other words, have a clear vision on what  it is that you want. 

2) Quit running yourself

Stop dimming your light and shine on. Know and own that you deserve success and that’s what God, Universe, Higher-self, or whatever it is you believe in wants you to be successful and happy. Don’t block what it’s already yours by birth right. You can create success because we as human are the creators of our lives. Even the bible says that God created us to his image.  You get to decide what book of your life you want to write, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

3) Stop thinking about the reason why you can’t be successful, and REPLACE THOSE THOUGHTS WITH WHY YOU CAN

Every time you repeat the words don’t, not, and no, or even think about them, you’re attracting more negative situations into your life. Instead of saying to yourself  “I don’t want this or that”, ask yourself “What do I want?” and then state WHAT YOU WANT and why YOU CAN DO IT.

4) Trace your attitude back to when you were a child and try to find out WHERE YOU GOT THE IDEA THAT YOU COULDN’T BE SUCCESSFUL

When I was a kid my I had to hear my dad at times telling me that I was a good for nothing person. This was creating doubt in my ability to achieve anything. But something inside told me that I matter and I’m worthy of living my dreams.


When someone tells you that don’t deserve anything good in life, that you’re not good enough, or that will never succeed at anything, YOU GOT 2 OPTIONS:

  • Accept and believe everything they tell you


It’s time you reprogrammed your mind for success and got rid-of old self-limiting and self-destructive beliefs. You can do this by surrounding yourself with successful people that want to help you succeed and listening to audios of successful people.



5) Replace or change the image you have of yourself, by writing a description of the person you want to be

Super effective for painting a clear vision of the person you want to be.

6) Last but not least, act the the part of the successful person you would like to be

There is a common thing that happens right before a successful person becomes successful. They start acting like a successful person before they have such success. When we’re little kids, we’re good at manifesting stuff because we play and imagine what would having that trip or bike would feel like. Same as adults.


See? Creating success is within us already. Isn’t time you unleash and allow the Universe give you want you want?


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To your immediate success,

Michael De La Cruz

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