What are Solo Ads? 6 Simple Steps To Running Good Solo Ads

So What Are Solo Ads?

On this post you will discover everything you need to about solo ads?…


what are solo ads


Are you currently struggling in the sense of not making any money or not generating any leads for your primary business? Well let me show you a strategy I learned using Empower Network’s training modules regarding solo ads.


Before revealing these 6 simple steps to running good solo ads, let me first define what they are…

A solo ad is basically paying someone to email their list of prospects and buyers.

For example, lets say you have an offer for xyz business and you would like to get visitors to that offer to make sales… right? You can pay someone to email their list of hot quality prospect and buyers, your offer. And that’s it.


This is one of the many strategies of how I generate leads and sponsor people into my business. This can be applied to any business. The key is to make sure that the solo ad is targeting the niche that your offer belongs to (make money from home niche, home business niche, network marketing niche, real estate niche etc).

The cool thing about the program I’m in is that when you join you get pre-made lead capture pages that you can send to solo ad providers or any other traffic sources and generate leads either for your primary business or to make money with us.  The pre-made lead capture page converts like hot peppers.

After these hungry buyers or prospects see my ad:

They give me their email address.

In return of their email info, they watch a cool training video on making money online, building a business online, or an offer. Once they get to the video or sales letter, they will have an opportunity to purchase whatever I’m offering.

They get added to my email list for follow-up and help.


Why is it called Solo Ads?

The reason it’s called solo ads it’s because your ad (offer) will be the only thing the prospects see when they open the email as opposed to seeing your ad along with 4-6 other ads (offers). Hope you’re following so far.

In my opinion and experience, paid traffic strategies such as solo ads are one of the fastest way to see results no matter what business you’re promoting.

Finally The 6 Simple but Critical Steps To Running Good Solo Ads

1. Run Solo Ads With Relevant Providers

This is very critical as you don’t want to run a solo ad with providers that is in a totally different niche than the one you’re offering. Example, if you are in the network marketing or home business niche, you don’t want to run a solo ad to a provider that is in the real state industry.

There are hundreds of places to run solo ads, but the key is to find providers that are specific to the niche you’re trying to target. My point here is that you need a niche-specific solo ad provider.

Missing this point not only will give you nightmares (terrible results) lol…but you will be wasting your $$$ Mo.ney.

2. Contact provider before ordering a Solo Ad from them

You should only do business with someone who is responsive and truly gets back to you if you contact them. In my experience I’ve noticed that there are alot of fake people out there that will sell you robots. Meaning not real traffic or real human visitors. So make sure you contact them and that they contact you back.

Before you even run a solo ad make sure that you always contact the provider just to see how fast they get back to you or if they they get back to you at all.

Another great benefit that contacting the provider allows you to do is ask them if there are other people running similar offers and how responsive is their list to those offers.

3. Create Good Ad Copy

Another thing I learned and have experienced in the online marketing arena is that good copy writing can make or break your marketing results. It’s important that you write a compelling offer that people will want to click on.

You need to create ad copy that tells people what they will get and how they will benefit by looking at your ad or clicking the offer in your ad.

4. Make Sure you’re Capturing ALL your Leads

Make sure that when people click through your ad they end up on a lead capture. Do NOT send them to page that doesn’t allow you to gather or capture their email address.

Doing so will take away your ability to follow up and build your list. Missing this point will make what you’re trying to do null in the first place, which is building your list.

I have discovered that the fortune is in the follow-up and if you’re not capturing leads to follow up with them, then you’re missing out on a lot.

One of the things I love about this program is that at its basic membership you get done-for-you lead-capture pages. So you don’t have to waste time creating your own lead capture pages.

You can start building your list right away with these pre-done capture pages for as long as you want or until you learn how to create your own, which we teach and have the tools for that.

5. Monetize your List

Please keep in mind that emailing someone else’s list is NOT a magic formula that will guarantee that people will buy or join your business.

If you’re runnig a good ad with good with good content or copy with a relevant provider, you will get results. Also, since you’re paying for running the ad, it’s important or critical that you monetize all the leads that you get from the ad.

6. Test Small, Track, and Scale Up

With any solo ad provider you want to test small the first time you order from them. You do not want to go crazy and spend an obscene amount of money on a solo ad without knowing if it even converts well.

What you want to do is run a small solo ad first and track the stats. This would allow you to know if it’s a good provider to run ads with. Once you see that the provider is profitable, you can scale up and run higher ads with them.

Example of a good solo-ad:

Subject: Are you still struggling?
If you’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels,
not sponsoring anyone into your primary business,
generating no leads, and making absolutely  no money,
then this will be the most important website you’ll ever see.

So there you have a good training on solo ads

If you apply this paid traffic strategy, you can sky rocket your business faster than a rabbit on viagra.

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Hope you enjoyed my gift to you on solo ads.

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