5 Strategies you Should Employ to Increase your Conversion Rates and Grow your Business

Continuing with how to increase your conversion rates…

I learned this thanks to the ESS team.


Apply these 5 tested tactics, and watch your conversion rates go higher.


#1 – Color plays a huge part in the success of your calls to action

You want your website to have the same basic color scheme throughout.

You call to actions buttons will break that scheme. The human eye
is attracted to contrast. This means that what is different will
stand out giving you command of their attention. Use it well!


#2 – Your call-to-action button should be larger than the rest of
the text on the page

Bigger is better, but remember there is a limit.

If you happen to love cake and you have a small piece, a slightly
larger piece, and a whole cake, which are you going to pick?

You won’t know what’s too big and what’s too small till you try it.

Test it out and see how your visitors react to your various test


#3 – Understand risk reduction

While on the subject of using your potential customer’s attention
well, let’s talk about some well to increase your chances of a
conversion after you have their attention.

The method with the most critical increase is risk reduction.

This requires you to reassure your potential customers that the
risk is minimal. For example, telling them the signing up does
not require a credit card will lift a heavy burden off their


#4 – Increase your buttons but reduce their options

While this sounds confusing, it is actually really simple.

People do not like the pressure of making a decision. This means
the less options there are, the more confident they will be in
the choice they make.

On the flip side, the more choices there are, the more attractive
it is. People like the sense of freedom to choice from a larger
group instead of from a smaller group.

While both of these concepts seem to contradict one another, they
are both hard wired into our decision making process.

With this in mind, you should offer 2-4 options which should vary
in both price and features.

#5 – Speak in the first person

When thinking about the content of your button, there is a certain
way of thinking to go about this.

Most people use second person statements to produce their button
content like: You should sign up for this 30 day free trial.

If you use a first person statement, you will see better results.

For example: I want to sign up for my 30 day free trial.

This difference is clear and allows the potential client to
visualize himself or herself already making the decision.

These tactics are meant to help you.

If you’ve read this far and don’t use them, you are missing out
on massive conversion rates.

Your call-to-action button is how you will get people on your email
list, and as I and others have said repeatedly in the past, the money is in
your list.


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