5 Golden Tips to Make Money at Home Online and Live Free

Did you know that you can make money at home online with more freedom? Below are 5 tips that I consider to be golden for you and your success in creating an income from home using the internet…


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So the 5 things I mentioned that you need to make money at home online successfully and with more details, are as follows… 


1) A product to sell – Not just any product, but a product that solves a problem your market is facing. 


2) An effective system in place that’s gonna do all the telling and selling – Have you ever heard of people making an income online while they sleep, while they’re on vacation etc… well this is thanks to effective systems.


I remember when I got my first sale/signup online. It happened while I was spending time with my wife. That’s how powerful having the right system in place is. You won’t have to be a slave to your computer. 


3) Learn how to drive traffic(visitors on the internet) to your website and system – In order to get your system rolling in money like your own ATM machine, you need fuel. That fuel is called traffic(or visitors on the internet). 


If you don’t know how to get the right visitors to your website and system, then YOU GOTTA GET THE RIGHT TRAINING to implement.


The key here is to identify the problems that your product solves and get it in front of people or niche already looking for the solution. 


When you can solve someone’s problem with a product you’re offering, they will not mind paying you for it, especially, when you have a system in place that shows them the value.


4) The right mindset – Most of your success no matter where, it’s gonna come from 90 percent of your mindset and 10 percent of your skillset.


Do you want to know why sometimes we want to achieve something, but for some reason we’re not getting in it? Well there is place in your mind called “the subconscious” that has a programming that’s blocking you from getting what you want.


Most of the time it is not your fault. It could’ve been an idea someone put in you when you were a child.


See when people tell you that you’re a failure, that you can’t ever achieve your dreams, that you don’t deserve it, that you’re not worthy of it, and all this negative stuff etc… and you believe this is true because you don’t know any better, these beliefs get stored in your “SUBCONSCIOUS MIND” and as long they’re there, they will keep you from ever achieving the opposite, no matter how hard you want it.


So when you truly want to make an income from home or achieve any type of success in your life, but your subconscious mind has all this negative baggage from the past, it will automatically find reasons why what you’re doing will not work and you will quit. 


Can you see the importance of having the right mindset? So it’s up to you to reprogram your subconscious mind to be in alignment with what you want. You must also clear all that old baggage that does not serve you and that has been keeping you from ever achieving your goals and success in life.


The best way to clear your subconscious mind and align it with what YOU want is through meditation. Praying is a kind of meditation. simply allow yourself to relax and breathe slowly with your eyes closed and set the intention to release all negative thoughts. 


Once you do this then you can start listening to audios of people that are successful. this will start reprogramming your mind for success and you will start getting positive results.


5) Get surrounded with successful people that are getting results  Getting surrounded with the right people… genuine successful people that believe in you and that are there to help achieve success when you want make money at home online and live the type of lifestyle you want to live. 


When you surround yourself with successful people, that energy rubs on to you and you start behaving as a successful person, therefore attracting success into your life.



Well I hope you got a ton of value from this post.


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