3 Things That Can Squash Your Chance To Achieve Success

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Are you looking to achieve success but don’t know how to get there? I’m not sure what type of success you’re after, but I can tell you this…

… there are universal laws that if we don’t respect them, we kill our chances of ever achieving any type of success. Luckily I’ve been blessed to be introduced to these universal laws and will pass on that blessing to you.

If you’re serious about becoming successful, here are 3 things that I learned from a 6-figure online business earner  that can squash your chance to achieve any type of success.

Ready? Here they are:

1 – What You Focus on When You Wake Up or Go Sleep?


If the first thing you do is focus on TV news (Constant Negative News) , worries of lack of funds to pay bills or something, or any other stuff that starts negative thinking in your life, this will block you from ever achieving success.


Well if the first thing you do when you wake up is worry or think negative, you’re simply setting up your whole day to go that way.

Think about it…

Have you ever caught yourself thinking negative about something and then something happens that just keeps feeding that negative thought?

Well that’s what you’re focusing on, so how can something ever go right if the only thing you do is focus on what can go wrong. How can you ever achieve any type of success this way?

In the morning you prepare yourself for the whole day. If the first thing you see is war, crisis, debt, bills, negative emails etc. How do you think your whole day would go?

Think about it…


Going asleep is the similar thing. If the last thing you do after you go about your day is focus on negative news, (tragedy, crisis, etc,), something known as your subconscious, which never sleeps, will work for it.

It’s true that where attention (focus) goes energy flows, said James Redfield. In other words, we get out of life, what we focus on.  So if we decide to focus on negative stuff, how do we expect to get positive results and achieve success.

2- How You Spend Most of Your Time

 If all you do is spend time watching TV, checking your Facebook, going through emails, and reading magazines, it will not get you anywhere.

This will definitely squash your chances of ever achieving any type of success.

Why though? Well these types of activities, distracts you from accomplishing the steps you need to take to ever reaching any level of success.


For example, if your goal is to achieve financial freedom, there are income producing activities that must be  done to get there.


Spending most of your time watching TV, checking your Facebook etc. will definitely prevent you from reaching the goal on the example above.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t watch TV, check your Facebook, check your emails, or read magazines… what I’m saying is that, if that is all you do, it will block you from being successful.


You’re investing more time watching TV and other activities I mentioned, than investing time in your future.


3- Your Mindset or Way of Thinking

employee mindsetHave you ever heard of the saying, “Your best thinking got you where you’re at”. This is true.

The way you think influence the way you see the world and the way you act. Therefore, if you ever want to achieve success you must think in a certain way than what average people think like.

If your way of thinking is of an employee and if your head is filled up of limited thoughts, or all you think about is that you’re lacking everything, then you will smash your chances to achieve success.


As I mentioned earlier, you get out of life, what you focus put a focus on. So if think like an employee or that you lack stuff, then your whole success will be on hold by these two way of thinking.

Employees think the opposite of what entrepreneurs think like. Most people have an employee mindset


What do I mean by this?…


When you are an employee, you think that you have control of  the fact that you have a job or of a specific outcome. Employees believe that they have job security, but you truly don’t.


Employees get laid off, get terminated for showing up late, they are told what to do, someone else decides how much to get paid, how many hours to work etc. You must report to someone. As you can see you truly don’t have control of your outcome.


Your destiny is pretty much in the hands of someone else that if they’re having a bad day, that could cost you your job.


Entrepreneurs are different. You see in business you create your own destiny, you decide when you want to work, how many hours you want to work, and you only report to yourself, as you’re your own boss.


Entrepreneurs have to search for the answers, take initiative, and create your own results, however employees have the ability to wait until tasks are available.


When you’re an entrepreneur you get paid for your own efforts and when you have the right shortcut and system in place like this one you can pretty much decide how much you want to get paid.


Employees are told what to do and entrepreneurs are responsible for their own results.

As an entrepreneur, only YOU can decide to work with the ‘shortcut’ and systems in place.

To summarize things here from what I shared with you above, you smash your chance to achieve success if :

– You focus on negative news or thoughts (TV news, worries, lack of money, etc.)  when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

– You invest most your time watching TV than investing it in your future

– You’re holding onto the employee mentality and thinking about lacking everything


Here is the Solution

1- Spend time visualizing/meditating about what you want in your life and how you’ll feel once you’re there. Do this for 10-20 minutes when you wake up and before going to sleep.

Put your TV remote away and spend more time watching people that motivate and inspire you. YouTube is a good resource for this. Stop reading magazines and start reading books that you can learn from people that already have what you want.


You want to be successful? Then why not read books written by successful people, such as Tony Robbins. Start doing something that can get you the results you want to get.


For example, if you have in mind to start an online business, decide how you want to build it and do stuff that can help you build it.

– Blogging
– Social Media marketing
– Video Marketing
– Build your own or use someone else’s system to promote the product of your choice.

If you want to learn how to use someone else’s proven system and how to drive traffic to this system, click here for more information.

  Do whatever it takes to work on your mindset. If you’re truly serious about achieving success, your goal is to switch from an employee mentality to an entrepreneur mentality. Note that is not that having an employee mentality is bad, it’s just that is not suitable to achieve success in business.


By listening and watching people that have what you want, you can reprogram your mind with no effort at a subconscious level, which is where all decision is made.

That is all my friend. I hope you got a lot of value here and that it helps you achieve success in your life as you use them.


Did reading this article help you in any way? Leave me your thoughts below and share it with others so they can also achieve success  😀 

All the best,

Michael De La Cruz

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