3 Simple Rules to Get What You Want in Life

Not following these critical rules can put you in a position of being trap in the whole where you at.

Success doesn’t just come to you, it is earned. There is no easy way to succeed. You have to chase after what you want.

One way or another you’re gonna have to invest in yourself. You’re gonna have to invest time and money in learning something that will get you where you want to go… If you’re truly serious about your goals and dreams.

That’s the reason why I felt inspired to share these rules for getting what you want in life.


You see, you need a vehicle that would help you reach what you want, before you take the vehicle for a ride you must have the right mindset.


By mindset I mean you must understand that there is a process to taking that vehicle from point A destination to point B destination.

When you’re gonna ride a car for the first time you have to have the right mindset to drive it or else things can go wrong.


I always dreamed of having a life of freedom where paying bills is not a problem.

Where taking my wife on a nice vacation is not something of thinking about it, but something of simply doing it.

Where I can help others live their desired lifestyle.

Where I have the time to do the things I love doing, when I want to do’em.

You see if you don’t have money + time, you don’t have freedom.


That’s why in 2013 I found the vehicle I was so in need of and that came to me in a time when I truly needed it.

Way before I stumbled into this vehicle, i was determined to live the life I described above. It was a vision I gave thought to it even when I was back in my country for 7 years and even in times of struggles down there.

I was determined that I will chase after my dreams and today I’m still doing so, EXCEPT that now I have a vehicle that will get me there faster, instead of slow walking to it.


If you simply apply these 3 simple rules:

how to get what you want in life









Now that you know the three rules to get what you want in life, allow me to email you the vehicle that will get you there.


See you on the beaches of the world,



Watch the whole video,

Take action,

And I’ll email you further details on the vehicle that will change YOUR life…

Until then,

Michael De La Cruz

photo of Michael De La Cruz and wife Krist De La Cruz at Maharlika

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