List Building? 3 Highly Effective Rules To Building an Active Email List

List building

When I started my business online I learned that I needed to build an email list  or an audience and have an email marketing software to collect leads and share my opportunity with them.  Now, there was a period of time that I would send an email and receive no response from my list or subscribers.


I noticed that I was sending my list irrelevant information that wasn’t helping them at all. I also found myself sending a lot of emails selling them products. People started getting irritated and most of them started unsubscribing from my list. I asked myself… why?


Well… When it came to list building I sucked bad and had no mentor or coach to correct me on what I was doing wrong. I didn’t know about the 3 rules I’m going to reveal to you below…


So what are the 3 List Building rules to creating an active email list?


1- Get the Right Audience or People on Your List.

If you have a list of 100,000 construction workers, it doesn’t really amount to anything if you’re selling women’s shoes. Get people on your list who are interested in who you are and what you have to offer.


2- Respect your list.

Over selling to your list can be catastrophic – Imagine if Tony Robins  sent his audience Emails every day selling his products? After a while, not only would they not be fans anymore, but they would keep others away!


3- Give Value At All Times.

The key to keeping your list active is to always provide value to them. Give them information, stories or products and services they would like. Avoid overselling to them.


These Rules for list building to have an active list is truly the foundation to a massively successful business online!


In case you wondered how to build a list online, check this article where I laid down how to generate leads onlineGo check it out; very useful.


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