3 Essential Tools For Building Your Business Online



  1. Kalatu Content Marketing System

    I was tired of calling people and being a slaved to my business when I started in 2012 until I discovered how to build and grow my business online. Not only I discovered how to build one on the internet, but how to build any business in any industry.


    I use this tool to market myself and my products. I have generated hundreds of sales just by people searching for my products or opportunity online. Is truly an honor to share them with you today! 🙂 


    So as you can see, this is powerful. The same goes if you’re in network marketing, affiliate marketing, real estates, and direct sales. These tools are going to help you build a business online, while having a life.


    For example, you see how you go out and have to pass out business cards everywhere you go, if you’re not out giving business cards or making cold calls then your business goes down.


    So what I have found out was that when you publish content on the internet about your business, about your passion, about anything you want to focus on, they stay on the internet forever. This means that you’re going to have banners or business cards on the internet 24/7.


    Search engines such as Google will send people searching for what you’re posting about to your website or blog. Doesn’t that sound more simple?


    The reason why I’m sharing this is because many people are not aware of the tools that exist now a days that are making businesses more profitable and making individuals share their voice to the world.


    I consistently blog because I want to inspire others, give real value to the marketplace, and connect my products with people searching for them.


    And that’s the power of the  Kalatu Premium Blogging Platform and its tools! It allows you to build multiple websites for anything you want to market. It’s also a great tool for self-branding.


    Not only you get access to the tool, but also access to high quality internet marketing training on how to use it.


    The system is so easy to use, that any computer illiterate person can totally plug-n-play to it, be able to have a presence on the internet, get results.


    You’re going to be able to sell your products, inspire others, tell others about your vision and business, in a way that people can connect with you. This will allow you to have a home online and build long-lasting income.


    You can use this if you would like to build websites for other people. I do it all the time. People need a website? Mike is here! I made my wife a website for our local hair salon business. So there are unlimited things you can do with Kalatú.


    Kalatu is easy to customize if you want to add your personal or business look and it’s ready for you to start posting content to it. There is a video that will walk you through the different functions, but if you have any questions you can message me on Facebook here or email the support team.


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  2. Kalatu Cloud – Email Marketing, Autoresponder, Contact Manager,  and more..

    When I made a decision to move and start my business online, I was introduced to email marketing and the power of an autoresponder. A lot of people have asked me why do you need an autoresponder or email marketing software.


    The reason why is because you need to build a list of people that you can follow up with. Have you ever heard of the saying that the money is in the followup or in the list?


    Well I was introduced to that concept when I started my business online in 2013. Now I have a list of subscribers that I share my passions to, market my products to, and give value to.


    The thing is that most of the time we share a our vision, our thoughts, or our products to a person one time. Some one will look at what you have to offer once and then we forget to followup with them and we don’t have any of their information to re-introduce them to our offer.


    So when you’re able to capture people’s emails and have them subscribed to you email list, you’re giving them the opportunity to stay in touch with them and even buy products that they need for their business or for their day to day living.


    I learned that most people need to see an offer multiple times before they can buy. First of all they need to know if it is something need and if it’s going to solve their problems.


    So with an autoresponder, you can follow up with them, share how the products you’re offering will solve their issues, and also automate your business.


    Click Here to Learn More About Email Marketing and Kalatu Cloud

    Google Keyword Planner

    When ever I want to know what people are searching on Google to use those keywords on my websites, I use the Google Keyword Planner. This tool is free to use. All you need is a Gmail account in order to access it.


    Then all you need to do is enter the name of the idea or thing that you’re trying to market and you will get numbers on how many people search on Google for that word or related one. So what I do is take a few of those keywords that are related to what I’m going to post on my website or blog and I use it on my Title, body, images, and tags.


    That’s how I get my content or products in front of people already searching for them. With time Google, Bing, and other search engines will rank my posts for that keyword that I used and will send visitors.


    This might be a little confusing now. It was for me for a bit, but when I went through the training, I was able to have pages on first page of Google. Hope this was helpful as far getting ideas on how to get targeted visitors to your website.


    Click Here to Learn More About Google Keyword Planner


If you’re looking to build or expand your business online, these 2 tools are going to be essential.




Well because each time you add new content using a content marketing system such as the Kalatu content platform, it gets ranked on search engines and people searching on the internet for your service, product, or opportunity, are going to find your posts. Search engines likes new content.


Get Kalatu and get your message, your business, your passion, or your vision in front of thousands of thousands of people thanks to the internet.


Dedicated to your success,

Michael De La Cruz

who is michael de la cruz




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  1. Awesome post Michael. I have read articles on business tools, but most people overlook putting in Google Keyword Planner, which IS on of THE most essential tools in online marketing. Thanks!

    1. Hey William, thanks for your feedback man. I also use another tool called Keyword researcher from clevergizmos.com. With this tool you can search for longtail keywords and are more targeted with less competition. It saves time.

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