2 Mind-blowing Mindset Videos

No matter what you do in your life you are there because of your mindset.
  1. Will Smith – Mindset Wisdom (How To Excel) (Myself) (Confidence) (World) (Dream) (Life)

    I can relate a lot to this video as I dedicate most of my time working on my craft. Whether is being a barber, working on my online business, I’m always working on my mindset and living life with the people I love and care about.
  2. The Mindset of a Winner

    I blog daily… cool how I do the same thing he does..lol

I constantly get surrounded by people that inspire me and others. People such as, my wife Krist, my Hair Science barber Instructor Shawn Idom, and rest of the team, my Empower Network mentors (David Woood and others), my team, my behind scenes spiritual team, other barbers, and people that wants to better themselves and change. I’ve overcome most of my struggles and have grown a lot.

As a way of life there is more to learn and more than ever I’m in that mindset of continuing to grow and empower others to be the best they can be no matter what they’re doing.

I believe that the internet is a powerful tool that most of us are not aware of. In 2012 I started Empower Network and using its blogging platform has made me a better person, a better online communicator, a great online marketer. It has given me the ability to build and market any type of business and share my thoughts with others in a way that inspires and empowers them.

In 2014 I started my journey as a barber and for sure am excited to share my art and the way I make people look and feel good to the world, through the power of the viral blogging system. Thank you God for the putting people in my path that Empowers me and uplifts me to new realms of possibilities.

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