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When an individual decides to embark upon a program of personal development, and he or she really means business, it is not a scary moment.

Such a quest is really pushing against the grain because it is not really a natural phase in anyone’s life. The typical state of mind of most people is to maintain the current status, and to take things as they come. I call this staying in your comfort zone!


    What are you doing NOW that will create your desired lifestyle? People will reward you publicly for what YOU’VE been practicing for years privately as Tony Robbins says.

    Have you ever wonder why people go through the same negative things over and over again?

    Well that’s a simple question to answer. Their mindset is the same. It doesn’t matter if they change names, countries, clothes, friends, or even your physical appearance. If your mind and belief don’t change, meaning if all you focus is on the negative side of things, then whatever negative thinking that holds you back will keep holding you back.



    Instead of searching for the light, just be the light. Shine from within.


There was a point that I got tired of letting others live my life. Then thank God that I made a decision to dig within myself to find out that  people are all capable of designing their own life.

When I learned how to quiet my mind, I started noticing all the voices of external sources wanting my attention and keeping me from ever growing and owning my own power. These same thoughts maintained me trapped and were controlling my life.

Like a lot of people, I have been through struggles, the only difference is that, unlike a lot of people, despite the downs, I CHOSE to be happy  no matter the circumstances.


2 years ago I lost my job for lateness, the weird thing is that I never been late to any other job before then. It was a little uncomfortable, as I was married and the money I saved was almost below 0. I applied for many jobs, to which I got interviews, but no luck. The weird thing was that before that, I never had problems getting hired for jobs.


It was then when I went within and found out that the reason I was late to my job was the fact that I wasn’t living the life I desired to live. It was like the universe was pushing me to do greater things that allow me to live life on my terms and not a life controlled by others.that can sustain me and my loved ones. Something that would allow me to learn a skill or trade where I could be of service to others and be greatly rewarded.


In the process I found 2 trades that has brought my life back and a sense of purpose.


1st Trade


personal growth and development



I went online and started my research on my desired job that would support my desired lifestyle. My wife and I are all about having fun, being happy and being of service to others. If you meet me or her you can tell.


After of hours of research I was introduced to the “Magical World” of making an income online. Till this day I don’t regret a bit learning this freedom way of making a living. Of coarse, I didn’t expect that I was going to become rich quick, like a lot of people expect, although it is possible when you know what you’re doing and enjoy the process. I took my time learning and applying what it was taught in the training modules. I discovered that if I wanted this, I needed to treat this like a business.

It was in my second week of joining that I saw my first deposit ever earned online. The notification of such deposit was sent to my email inbox like at 2am; meaning while I was sleeping. It was then that I knew that I have found one of the best financial freedom systems ever. Not only I learned how to use the internet to earn money, but it gave me the opportunity to show others how to do the same.

I recently made a website for a business located in my area using one of the products the system allowed me to sell 24/7 whether I’m sleeping or not.


This video here explains more about what I do online that makes me money and has helped me even more in my personal development <==


2nd Trade


When I met my now wife in 2012 I was introduced to the hair care industry. My wife is a charismatic hairdresser and has been in the industry for about 21 years or so. In 2013 after being fired from my job, I was made manager of her salon. A lot had to do with the skills I have collected from call center and other jobs in the past. I also needed something to do. I felt miserable not being able to support my wife financially.


After a year or so I got some signs that let me know what was my next step. Based on those signs and what I felt within, I was led to also become a barber. My wife needed help at her shop and something in me knew that I had more potential then being a manager of a salon. It was then when I decided to attend barber school to learn the art of barbering.

Although I never finished the program where I learned this trade, I’m still cutting hair under a different program.


Hopefully you grasped the idea being revealed in this post. If you haven’t, the idea I want communicate is that you are only limited by the choices or decisions you make. I chose to be happy no matter what, therefore I attract a lot of that. True there are bad days but those days don’t determine who you are. It’s just like there are seasons on earth. Bad days are like the cold winter days. But don’t we celebrate Christmas or other holidays in winter days? That’s because despite of the season we choose to be happy.


When are you going to celebrate living life despite the seasons? Personal development involves YOU making a decision that you will make your desired life a reality.


You can’t do it alone though, you need a proven and legit system that can help you get there and a group of successful individuals that can help you cut the learning curve.


The point is that personal development always requires planning and effort in order to achieve a goal or objective. If it is a skill or a block of knowledge, time and effort will have to be applied in order to make progress.


The most effective way for any self improvement program to get off the ground and be achieved is to write down a specific goal that is desired to be obtained, and then share it with someone, such as a spouse or a friend. It is also a good idea to set a deadline. Then determine what it will take to accomplish the objective. Break that down into manageable steps. If possible, set up a schedule in order to organize priorities, then get to work.


As is readily evident, this exactly the opposite of what most people do. They wish or hope some sort of good fortune will come their way, not realizing that the key to their dreams is right in front of them if they would only take action.


Do you wish to posses a personal development program that allows you to have a skill and tool that can change your life, your income, and the life of others? Watch the below interview if you haven’t already


All the best,

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Michael De La Cruz

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